Contribute to a lasting and sustainable quality of life of buildings.

To be a company of reference in the sector in Portugal and in the Iberian Peninsula.

The Company
Imperalum, was founded as a company in 1968, and is currently one of the most important manufacturers in the Iberian Peninsula of waterproofing bituminous products, and is also the leader in Portugal in the sale of thermal and acoustic insulation, drainage and geotextiles.
Equipped with elevated industrial technology and with recognised technical and commercial competence, Imperalum provides the market with modern and efficient solutions, which contribute towards the quality of life of a building.

Technology and Research
With a modern research centre and laboratory control, Imperalum was one of the first companies to modify bitumen asphalt to transform it into excellent waterproofing products.

Products and innovation
Pioneer in the development and innovation of the waterproofing and insulation market, Imperalum manufactures and sells a complete range of products which answer to the modern needs of the construction world.
Bituminous membranes
Bituminous emulsions
Thermal insulation

Technical Assistance
With more than thirty years’ experience, Imperalum has developed technical support for the market through supporting project engineers, architects, builders and fitters.
This technical support has allowed for the execution of many prestigious projects in Portugal and Spain.


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