IMPERALUM’S Quality and Environmental Policy is a fundamental tool in order for us to attain our goals and objectives, allowing us to:

  • Develop and produce goods and services to answer to our clients’ needs and expectations, and by anticipating them whenever possible;
  • Promote the actions needed to allow for the increase of our competitiveness in our markets;
  • Operate while complying with legal requirements and other company requirements related to the products and their environmental aspects;
  • Select and use raw materials that cause less impact on the environment thereby promoting, where possible, the use of raw materials from the polymers recycling industry;
  • Promote the measures needed to avoid, eliminate and reduce the emission of pollutants and the production of waste;
  • Establish the procedures needed to eliminate non-compliances;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the Quality and Environment Management System and the maintenance of certification ( ISO 9001 and ISO 14001);
  • Maintain the homologation/certification of products and systems and also obtain new homologations/certifications;
  • Accompany studies in progress and technological evolutions so as to maintain a good updated status in the following areas: production processes, monitoring and measuring methods, environmental impacts of products manufactured and improved technology available to minimise them;
  • Promote the development of human resources and their environmental awareness through suitable training on the correct performance of their duties;

The Board promises to provide the means needed to publish the Quality and Environmental Policy defined, along with its implementation and maintenance.

The Quality and Environmental Commission is responsible for the follow-up of the annual planning of the measures destined to comply with the current Quality and Environmental Policy.

The Industrial Department is responsible for the management of the Quality and Environmental System in which the Quality and Environmental Management ensures the maintenance and operation of this System, thereby ensuring its compliance with reference Standards.

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