Bituminous Emulsions

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Bituminous Emulsions


Imperkote bituminous emulsions, due to their characteristics and versatility, are an excellent solution in building works, namely as waterproofing, primer, concrete and various masonries protection, steam barrier, thermal insulation adhesive and preparation of special flooring mortars.

Free of solvents and water-based wich allows applications over a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, with absolute safety for workers and the environment.

As it is a non-ionic emulsion, it has a distinct advantage over other emulsions with regard to its superior adhesion to any surface in the building, namely cement, stone masonry and wood.

Imperkote F

Non-ionic, water-based bituminous emulsion

Imperkote L

Non-ionic, water-based bituminous emulsion, additivated with elastomer polymers

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