The floor slabs of the building envelope, both in earthen floors and air (on outside areas or inland areas not air-conditioned), there are considerable heat losses that make the application of thermal insulation greatly needed in these areas.

The extruded polystyrene plates IFOAM ® floors offer a high compressive strength, adequate to withstand the load of requests on the floors, which coupled with its zero capillarity and full imputrescibilidade make this material an ideal solution for thermal insulation in contact with the ground.

The high fatigue resistance of constant loads, and resistance to permanent temperatures up to 65 ° C are of rigid foam boards of extruded polystyrene IFOAM ® flooring thermal insulation suitable for use in floor heating, either by electrical or hydraulic systems.


When a floor needs to be thermally insulated and on it there will be heavy loads, the extruded polystyrene plates IFOAM ® parking with an extraordinary compressive strength of 500 kPa plus the other features of other products of the Plan IFOAM ®, are the ideal solution for thermal insulation in industrial floors, cold room and parking decks.

The excellent behavior towards water and moisture, giving integrity to the plates of IFOAM ® parking for application to sealing, even when this corresponds wet side of the system, allows an additional mechanical protection for waterproofing membranes, either during work in construction or the dynamic forces caused by traffic rotated during the life of the pavement, promoting increased efficiency and system longevity.