In essence of operation of a double wall is the contribution of the air-box for evaporation and drainage from outside moisture seepage or by capillarity, or by condensation of steam traffic interiParedes (IFOAM / Extruded Polystyrene) or to abroad.


The frequent presence of humidity in the air-box is therefore a fundamental aspect to be taken into account in the choice of the insulation for this application.

The insensitivity to water, the null capillarity and high resistance to the passage of steam, allow the rigid foam boards of extruded polystyrene IFOAM ® walls maintain their thermal insulation characteristics throughout the life of the building, independently of any moisture in-box air and further decrease the possibility of occurrence of condensations without placing additional vapor barriers.

The plates and insulation IFOAM ® walls are designed to greatly facilitate its implementation. While the length of 2.6M allows to easily make up the height of the air-box with a single plate at the top, the male-female fitting allows the locking between the plates and a self-supporting performance of the thermal insulation cloth.

In addition to being the ideal insulation solution for double walls, the signs of IFOAM ® walls also provide an easy, self-supporting and durable solution for insulation of ventilated facades or for thermal rehabilitation of pitched roofs of discontinuous structure.


The existence of thermal bridges in the building envelope have not only the drawback of the additional heat loss in these areas, but also and especially the deteriorating effect of the building elements in those zones, through the apareciParedes (IFOAM / Extruded Polystyrene) processing of surface moisture and interstitial caused by condensation.

paredes (4)

They are the most significant examples the thermal bridge zones slab fronts of the beams and pillars in buildings with double walls, which have the thermal insulating box air-interrupted these concrete elements.

The plates IFOAM ® echo present both sides with roughness designed to enable a good grip mortars, adhesive cements and other cementitious masses. Combined with insensitivity to water, high mechanical strength and cutting facility, make IFOAM ® eco efficient thermal fix solution, is applied by the inner face or the outer surface of the concrete elements of the facades, after allowing the stucco application , plaster or other final coat.


Whether in new construction or rehabilitation of buildings, placement of thermal insulation continuously nParedes (IFOAM / Extruded Polystyrene) the facade of the outer shell allows a considerable reduction of thermal bridges, which has contributed to the increased popularityparedes (3) of these systems, are ventilated facade curtain or kind, whether in the form of systems ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems).

The roughened surface on both sides, so with high mechanical resistance, allowing perfect adhesion of mortars and adhesive cements, added to the total insensitivity to water and capillarity make zero the extruded polystyrene plates ® echo IFOAM a particularly suitable solution for systems ETICS.

For the same reasons, IFOAM ® eco is the most appropriate solution for the thermal insulation of walls and ceilings from the inside, allowing the direct application of stucco or plaster.