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The Dow Chemical Company –The company which invented extruded polystyrene 50 years ago

The Dow Chemical Company was founded in the United States over one hundred years ago and has come to perform a very important role in the worldwide chemical industry.
Present in 168 countries, with more than 3500 products, it has 39000 employees worldwide. With its head office in Midland, Michigan (USA), it has 121 plants in 32 countries.
With one of the largest research centres in the world, Dow is able to develop its products so that they are constant pioneers in innovation and in responding to needs, both consumer and environmental.
Extruded polystyrene (XPS) was invented more than 50 years ago by Dow, that created a range of products which they named Styrofoam*.
Thermal insulation Styrofoam* covered each type of application in a particular way, through Roofmate*, Wallmate* , Floormate* and Agmate products. In conception/development, production, installation and after sales services.

Thermal insulation in the construction of buildings
The main objective of using thermal insulation materials in the construction of buildings is to obtain suitable comfort and accommodation conditions, within a context of rational use of energy. In this sense, the quality of thermal insulation materials is as important, or even more important, than the quality of visible construction elements.

More comfort, less energy consumption

In fact, by reducing the flow of heat through ceilings, walls and floors (which is achieved through the reduction of the thermal transmission coefficient), the excellent comfort conditions desired are attained with lower energy consumption.

Greater building longevity

Thermal insulation, when applied correctly, also has a decisive contribution in controlling surface and interstitial condensation and also in protecting construction materials from temperature variations, thereby allowing for the building’s prolonged longevity.
Dow and thermal insulation in extruded polystyrene foam (XPS): Styrofoam*
Thermal insulation products in Extruded polystyrene STYROFOAM, one of Dow’s most popular products, are hard boards with a closed cellular structure and a characteristic blue colour. These products are used in construction due to their excellent thermal insulation properties, such as:


– Excellent thermal performance (very low thermal conductivity)
– Insensitivity to water and humidity
– High mechanical resistance
– Large resistance to vapour diffusion
– Null capillarity
– Imputrescibility
– Easy to work with, cut and install
– Handling Resistance
– Fire reaction M1 (self extinguishing)

These characteristics are maintained for a long time, and thermal STYROFOAM products have an excellent long term behaviour.

Quality Certificate
Thermal STYROFOAM insulation boards have approval from various quality certifications and homologations granted in all European States. Among others, we have the INCE stamp and the AENOR brand in Spain and the ACERMI Certification in France.
In Portugal, Dow has a certified homologation: DH 568, issued by the National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC) for the ROOFMATE SL thermal insulation boards used in roofs.


Additional information

Dow provides a set of resources which will help in choosing the best thermal insulation solution for each specific situation, in its project and installation:
– Complete Styrofoam Solutions File
– DOWTERM* Thermal Verification according to RCCTE
– AUTOCAD construction details

Technical Support Service
Since creating extruded polystyrene in the 40’s, Dow has committed itself in a rigorous and thorough manner to the research, development, and production of thermal insulation boards which respond to market needs by ensuring a high level of technical quality properties.
In our 50 years of experience, our objective has always been to serve clients and users in the best way we know.
This service should be understood as a whole, on a global level, from the research laboratories to operational logistics, from production to the sales department and technical department. The objective of the latter is to provide the entire market with the knowledge which has been acquired from our years of experience and practice. To contribute, as much as possible, and with all those who believe it to be useful and necessary, to clarified thermal insulation applications.
Therefore, Dow* construction technicians, thermal insulation specialists, provide consulting services both for projects and works, thereby providing answers to questions related to construction aspects or the application of our blue thermal insulation Styrofoam* boards.

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