In traditional flat roofs, waterproofing systems appliedcoberturas (3) to the thermal insulation, protecting them, are in turn subject to greater wear and less durability.

The great compression strength 300 kPa and total insensitivity to water of extruded polystyrene plates IFOAM ® covers allow its application on the flat roof waterproofing in designated reverse coverage system.

This reversal of positions allows you to protect the waterproofing want of any mechanical action, whether accelerated degradation by action of constant external temperature variations or ultraviolet radiation, increasing efficiency and system longevity.

The speed of application and ease of cut that allows the adaptation of the singular points of the insulation cover, the lock a half wood which reduces thermal bridges between plates, the imputrescibilidade and the applicability under any weather conditions, make IFOAM ® better coverage thermal insulation solution for various types of flat roofs, from technical and non accessible roofs, the roofs passable and green roofs.coberturas


The application of thermal insulation on the slopes of a sloped roof allows full use of the attic area as useful and heated part of the building. The possibility of placing a thermal insulation in a continuous manner and the outside of the sloping of the roof slab, ensures the absence of thermal bridges while taking advantage of the thermal inertia slab as a benefit to the interior comfort.

The rigid foam boards of extruded polystyrene IFOAM ® grooved, with a compressive strength of 300 kPa, and total insensitivity to water are extremely suitable to withstand loads resulting fromcoberturas (4) the weight of the tiles and other permanent or occasional overloads as well as the wet environment that frequently occurs in the lower face of the tiles.

Additionally, the design grooved on the upper surface of these boards IFOAM Plan ®, has been specially developed to give better grip and locking points or ripped mortar or other adhesive means, allowing for easy and stable application of the tiles on the thermal insulation.

In coverings with slatted mechanically fixed to the slab or other continuous resilient support, the placement of the thermal insulation boards with the groove in the direction of the slope, not only allows a correct support of the gauge as the increased ventilation under the battens, decreasing its degradation by the presence of moisture even without the application of counter-ripped.

All these features make IFOAM ® slotted the most appropriate thermal insulation and longer lasting for application in pitched roofs on ongoing support, both in new construction and renovation work or rehabilitation.