Imperalum will launch new ranges of APP membranes

Imperalum will launch new ranges of APP membranes.
It’s already the end of October.
Be aware!

APP somos nós

Published : October, 6th 2015



The integration of different specialties inherent in a project of a building is a complex process of coordination, when supported in the recording and interpretation of drawings.

The Building Information Modelling – BIM – technology is being implemented in the architecture industry, engineering and construction, contributing to the digitization process of the construction process in an integrated sustainability perspective.

Countries like Singapore and the United Kingdom already integrate this technology as a mandatory practice in their technical platforms.

Given this reality, it constitutes this year 2015 in Portugal under the European standardization process, the Technical Commission BIM (BIM CT) in order to start the work to publication of a European standard.

The Imperalum integrates this Committee through the Technical Architect Katia Romao – responsible for our technical department.




Published: October 09th, 2015


Cooperation with the FUNDEC

The Imperalum is often invited by FUNDEC – Association for Training and Development in Civil Engineering and Architecture, to integrate the programs of their courses. Given the importance of the theme of waterproofing, FUNDEC promoted this year the course facades and buildings covers jackets, whose engineers were the teachers of Instituto Superior Técnico, Ines Flores-Colen and Jose Dias Silvestre having had addressed architects and engineers, boards, managers and other professionals involved in the design, implementation and rehabilitation of buildings.

More in the program




Logo Fundec


Published: October 09, 2015



The Imperalum part in its business practices, policies and environmental sustainability programs that are evidence for having obtained more than ten years, the ISO 14001 certification, as well as their participation in a broad European program LCA- Life Cycle Assessment – promoted the European Waterproofing Association.

Aiming the theme of deepening sustainability in September this year, signed with the LNEG Imperalum a protocol of participation in a European project, LCIP – Lyfe Cycle in Practice, which is intended to support PME’s in predefined areas, using approaches and life cycle tools in order to improve resource efficiency and reduce emissions and waste that occur over the life of their products and services.

More information:




Published: October 09, 2015


PubIFOAM – The XPS Imperalum

In 2013 the Imperalum has launched in Portugal its range of thermal insulation in extruded polystyrene, with the IFOAM brand.
Two years elapsed, this is a brand that has not stopped growing and is present in the main chains of distribution of building materials in Portugal.
It is a complete range that offers the market a high performance thermal insulation in various sizes and thicknesses adapted to the needs of the domestic construction market.
Contact us! We have the thermal solution for your project and your work!



Published: October 6th 2015

Protocol with the Architects

The Imperalum and the Order of Architects signed a protocol of cooperation in the fields of waterproofing and thermal insulation, with special focus on rehabilitation.
Under this protocol have been held two conferences – in Lisbon and Porto – being already provided more joint initiatives.

Protocolo OA 2

Published: October 6th, 2015

Roofing the Sumol-Compal Industrial Complex in Almeirim

Sumol – Compal recently completed the rehabilitation of the waterproofing system of the coverage of its Almeirim unit.
The system selected by the technical department of this company lies with the bituminous membrane APP modified bitumen – Polyxis R50 T Deck White – which was applied without removing the sealing system at the end of life.

This way it was possible to perform the rehabilitation without any kind of interference in demanding industrial activity of this company’s agri-food area.


Published: October 6th, 2015


Roofing the Museum of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation completed the rehabilitation of waterproofing systems of the covers of the emblematic building of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum.

Intention was to maintain the same color and reading in this way does not change the visual appearance of this flat roofing.

It was selected Imperalum waterproofing system consisting of modified bitumen membranes APP PolyPlas Polyxis 30 and R 40, the latter red.

The system in question has the Application Document THE 30 issued by LNEC and is characterized by its high strength and durability.



Published: October 6th, 2015

Building NOS in Lisbon

The building NOS in Lisbon, already an icon of Portuguese architecture, was performed using the most advanced engineering and construction technologies.

Waterproofing systems made of bituminous membranes APP modified bitumen manufactured by Imperalum were selected to meet the technical requirements of this unique work.

Membranes PolyPlas 30, Polyster 40 Polyxis and R40 are part of the run systems, which integrate the DA – Application documents – issued by the National Civil Engineering Laboratory.



Published: October 6th, 2015

Roofing Autoeuropa

Autoeuropa is ongoing large investments in order to accommodate the construction of its new car model.

Accordingly began recently expansion works, which covers on deck system, will have a waterproofing system optimized for Imperalum given the high level of demand for this type of structures.

The sealing system comprises a membrane mechanically fixed Polyster 40 and R 50 Polyxis T Deck membrane fully adhered to the first, with the particularity of presenting a white color with a high reflectance ratio.

The question of the color of the bituminous membrane Imperalum is evident when we compare the images we publish.

Autoeuropa 1

Autoeuropa 2


Published: October 6th, 2015

Roofing rehabilitation in Fiber Cement

Imperalum just launched the rehabilitation system of fiber cement roofs without drilling of the boards and without release of dust, with Paraplac reinforcement.

This is a system that allows encapsulate the fiber cement boards without interacting with them and at the same time rehabilitating covers the introduction of a thermal insulation system for rigid plates polyisocyanurate and a sealing system constituted by PolyPlas membranes 30 and Polyxis R40.

More Articles in PDF

Artigo Reabiitação Fibrocimento

Sistema de Reabilitação de Fibrocimento




Published: October 6th, 2015

Election to the Board of EWA

The EWA – European Waterproofing Association – is the organization that brings together the European industry of manufacturing bituminous waterproofing membranes sector , representing about 30 companies and business groups, responsible for the manufacture of more than 200 million square meters of bituminous membranes and employing about 40,000 workers.

The Imperalum , member since 1995 , is part of the Executive Committee since 2008, and was elected in March 2015 to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2015/2016 biennium , which integrates beyond IMPERALUM the ICOPAL and the company BAUDER company .

This election , of very important significance for our company , it is revealed also important for the Portuguese market , because it is a recognition of good business and industrial practices Imperalum as a full member of this important organization.



Published in: October 6th, 2015

APCER certification extendable to goods

The Imperalum extended the scope of APCER certification of the Quality Management System and Environment – ISO 9001 and 14001 – the marketing of goods , being from now on all the activities of Headquarters and Factory covered by SGQA.LOGO APCER



Published in: October 6th, 2015

Launch of New Range APP Imperalum

Very soon the Imperalum will present their new ranges of APP.
Be aware!




Published: October 6th, 2015

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